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Is an activity to explore and have real contact with nature, and to enjoy the best views of Lake Atitlan.

Volcano Atitlán has a height of 3,557 meters, and its base is attached to Volcano Tolimán which is its twin volcano. The union of these two volcanoes is known as  La Horqueta or Chanán and has a height of 2,530 meters. The Volcano Atitlán cone is steep and has deep canyons on various sides with a lot of forestation. The crater has a diameter of 250 meters and a depth of 50 meters. It is open on the south side surrounded by concentric grooves and cracks coming from the small vents.


Volcano Tolimán, was formed basically by andesites and has two peaks, one of which reaches 3158 meters.  In this peak you can find various types of animals; deer, monkeys and peccaries are common in this area and especially in sparsely populated lowlands. Other wildlife such as the jaguar, tapir, and puma, are found in small groups, and there are also crocodiles that inhabit some rivers.

 Volcano San Pedro, has a height of 3,020 meters. This volcano has an almost symmetrical cone. The entrance to the crater is located on the side of the lake and the road is usually overgrown. The crater is small and its depth is unknown because large trees cover it.