1Is one of the enriching tours of Santiago Atitlán that has a market noted for its rich colors and people who attend to their trade products, that most of which are a subsistence production. On this tour you will see the local weavers and their hand made indigenous clothing, the famous “Tuj” sauna, the city Market, Central Park, the Catholic Church built in 1547, interesting altars with images of the ten cofradías , antique altars of the arrival of the Tz’utujil  people to Lake Atitlan and their history of armed conflict, as well as the brotherhood of Maximon (tz’utujil religious syncretism).
Brotherhood of Santa Cruz, where they worship Maximon the famous “Grandfather of The Tz’utuhil Rilaj Maam”, with stories and cultural activities undertaken by the cofradías from different times and  different celebrations.