Hospitalito Atitlán became the regional Tuberculosis testing center

Dear friends of Santiago Atitlán,

Greetings from Hospitalito Atitlán. We hope that you are well wherever you are now. We are contacting you because we know that at some point we have visited or come to visit us at the hotel BAMBÚ in the Tz’utujil Maya pueblo of Santiago Atitlan. We trust that you may have an interest in helping our community.

In 2012 Hospitalito Atitlán became the regional Tuberculosis testing center for LIGA (Liga Nacional conta la Tuberculosis), the Guatemalan social agency in charge of reporting for the disease. HA took on this responsibility because of necessity. However the small lab in the hospital in unequipped to provide this service without putting our staff at risk from the human pathogen TB.

The hospital urgently needs to augment the equipment in the laboratory to accommodate this specific need. We need a specialized ventilation hood protected by ultraviolet sterilization so that our lab technician can safely engage with this pathogen.  The cost for the ventilation hood is $8,000. Your donation will help Hospitalito Atitlán and the indigenous people of Santiago Atitlán by preventing the spread of the terrible and contagious disease tuberculosis.

Donations of any size are greatly appreciated. You can learn more about the work at HA on our website,

Donations may be made at  

Volunteers will provide shipping and installation. No administrative costs will be held from your donation. Please put LAB in the comments section.

Alternatively, some people prefer to donate to scholarships. HA also has a technical Scholarship program for Guatemalans wishing to augment their professional capabilities. Please put BECA in the comments section.

We hope you will be able to help. Thank you very much.